Bright Life Family Chiropractic Welcomes You

We are excited to meet you! Here a few quick links to learn more about what chiropractic care can do for you and your children. If you have any specific treatment or insurance coverage questions, feel free to call.

After booking your appointment time, you will be conveniently sent an email containing your new patient questionnaires. If you don't have time beforehand, you can fill it out in office a well. Expect your first appointment to take about 45 minutes-60 minutes for any remaining paperwork, the exam, adjustment, and at home care recommendations. Return visits will only be 15 minutes. We always encourage you to bring your kids and/or spouse in with you for your appointment too. It's comforting for them to see what chiropractic is about and is a good chance for them to ask questions of their own!

For children specifically - try to book a time when your baby or child is usually well fed and rested. We realize our little ones are not always cooperative of our "schedules" and we WELCOME the LIFE FORCE they bring to our practice! Dr. Sundby specializes in care of infants and children and cares for busy babes, crying babes, and sleeping babes alike! If possible, bring them in a few minutes early to play in our kids area and get comfortable with the space.