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2021 Best of the Best Favorite Chiropractor + 2022 Best of the Best Favorite Chiropractor

Creating a safe place for your family to grow + thrive. 

A graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic, Dr. Brooke Breuer has practiced across the map of chiropractic but has a keen understanding of pediatric and pregnancy chiropractic care. Dr. Brooke’s extensive interest and experience within the pediatric and pregnancy areas have led to a deeper education and training through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association and obtaining Webster Technique certification. Dr. Brooke is a mother of two little boys under 4. Being a mom herself has fostered a connection to the patients she serves while encouraging more educational and formal training within her field of expertise. We are so excited to have her a part of the Bright Life team. She comes to us with big goals to help create a space for mommas to feel supported and nurtured in their walk through motherhood and raising happy, healthy kids.

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Pediatric + Prenatal Specialist

Creating a safe place for your family to grow + thrive. 

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Chiropractic Assistant 

Brittany is a Certified Chiropractic Assistant and has a true passion for chiropractic, health + wellness. Her personal chiropractic story started when she was pregnant with her son and has become a way of life for her and her family. Brittany's quality of life has improved, tremendously. 

Her son has been routinely adjusted since birth - he is 6 years old. He is very active, smart, and witty!

“Aiden has been a healthy kiddo his whole life, he breastfed well, no ear infections, and he rarely gets sick. I believe that since he has been routinely adjusted since birth, he has had a well functioning life thus far.”

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Health + Wellness At Its Best

Dr. Brooke adjusted me during my third pregnancy and it was the best one yet. No round ligament pain which was great. She has adjusted my last two children and we have been free from ear tube surgeries with them. My first child struggled with ear infections and unfortunately, I never had the knowledge of chiropractic care. He ended up having multiple ear tube surgeries since having tubes and had major ear sensitivity/pain. He now gets adjusted and his ear issues have resolved. We love Dr. Brooke and can’t thank her enough. Her schedule is flexible and she always there for our family!

- Katie G.

Dr. Brooke has helped me not only physically prepare for my babies but also mentally and emotionally. The information and support she has provided have helped me feel impowered and ready. 💕 She has an incredibly welcoming demeanor and is also great with my 2 year old son. She gets down to his level and checks his spine while playing with him. As a Mom, it is such a great feeling to know you have someone you trust on your health care team. My entire family looks forward to each visit and is so thankful for her care.

- Jessie G.

With my first child we started seeking chiropractic care after about four weeks of him screaming and crying nightly after eating. Once we started his adjustments his overall stress levels decreased, he was relaxed, ate and slept better, and overall was more content. I wished that I would have had him adjusted right after he was born. With my second child, I made this a priority. At four days old we sought our first adjustment and will continue to be treated consistently in order to have the best experience for our new baby. Dr. Brooke has taught us that nerve dysfunction can lead to so many issues in newborns. As I continue to take my babies in for faithful chiropractic care, I am assured that there proper spinal alignment is allowing them to live their best and brightest lives!

- Alicia W.

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M: 9-5
T: 9-1
W: 12-5
Th: 9-5

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About Us : Testimonials

"Dr. Brooke is simply the best! She has adjusted my daughter since she was 2 days old. She is so knowledgeable about all things wellness for mom and kids. She is continually educating herself and staying up to date on accreditations, new practices, and techniques. We love Dr. Brooke! She has the most genuine and caring demeanor, we are confident if you meet her you will love her too!"

- Hannah H.

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